Testimonials from Pocket kittys pet parents

Winnie and cooper grown up.jpg

Here is a recent email I got from Bill letting me know how Winnie and Cooper are doing (was Winnie and Tetley):

I have been meaning to send you some photos and have included some of the
birthday party we had for Winnie and Cooper. I'm not sure they really
enjoyed the hats but we enjoyed the cupcake. I also added a few other photos
we have taken. We still cannot take pictures quite as good as the ones you
had taken. We have several of your photos framed throughout our house.

Overall the kittens are doing well with no major issues. They are soooo
sweet and both have cute personalities. They still like being together and
will always find them near each other. Winnie has turned into quite the lap
cat and loves to be chased. When we catch her she will fall down and roll
around and want her tummy rubbed. Cooper purrs like a motor boat and likes
to sleep on our pillows. He likes to play and loves chasing string.

We have been following your website and have showed Winnie and Cooper pictures of their

Milo and Roxy grownup.jpg

Here is a recent update about Milo and Roxy!

    I got your e-mail and I can hardly believe it has been almost a year, where does the time go. But just to let you know the kids are doing great, Paul and I both love them so very much. They are both so very sweet. Milo is very loyal and is almost always in the same room as me,he follows me around all the time,he likes to kneed me and then will sit in my lap.And Roxy is the lover of the two of them she will jump in my lap at every chance when i sit down, and then look up into your eyes and then she will touch your face so gently with her paws as if to say look at me. We love them so very much and we even took them on vacation with us in August,they were so good.We do not like the idea of ever being away from them, my kids say we spoil them, but we just think we love them extra.
   They are still on the raw meat diet with the california natural given as a treat,they love that stuff.
    We often go to your website to see the new babies,chloe was darling.I will be looking forward to seeing the new babies pictures soon.
                                                                           Thanks Again For our kids

Milo on bed.jpg

This is an email that I got from Karen just before Christmas after she took Milo and Roxy for their first vet visit: 

I just wanted to thank you for all your help and concern with our new kittens.

Paul and I are just in love with them. They are so sweet and so much fun and I know they are going to bring us so much joy in years to come.
   I also wanted to share with you some of the comments I heard when getting our kittens Milo and Roxy looked at for their physical.
   I picked this vet because she specializes in cats and she see's alot of persians and she said that our breeder had done a great job because it was obvious she had put thought into what animals she was going to use for her  breeding program.The first comment she said was that our kittens had a beautiful head and straight jaws. And she see's so many persians with deformed heads and respiratory issues and runny eyes. She just could not say enough about how our breeder had done such a great job and wished that others who breed persians would make thoughtful choices for the animal that they choose to use in their breeding programs.And breed with thoughtfulness and care for the animal as well.Not just for a particular head shape as with persians.
   I just want to tell you again how much we appreciate you and what you have done for us you are so caring and love your animals and it shows.You have helped me learn so much and all you thoughtful things you have done so that we could be prepared for the kittens when we got them home.
  They settled in are very playful and relaxed even with all the commotion of the holidays and people coming and going.
  Thank you again for the generous care package and all of the information for from feeding and diet to even their smallest need, I do so appreciate you. And I will try to get those pictures to you soon.
  Again thank you for the beautiful babies we do so love them.

Simba at window.jpg

  Here is the latest on Simba (was Wonzy):

We had snow in Indiana this past saturday. There is a bird on the window
sill, shivering. This picture is of Simba planning his attack(LoL).Simba
paced the ledge for an hour before resting here.
He is doing wonderfully. He still dislikes having his tummy brushed.
As Always;

wonzy on sisal.jpg

This is from Tamberlain after she got Wonzy from the airport:

I can tell that you all have loved him and paid a lot of attention to him. He has such a friendly nature. I love the fact that he just plays and plays, never trying to hide or get away. He is so funny, he just falls asleep in the middle of the floor, surrounded by toys.

“Wonzy” and Simon get along great. They are always together. Simon mothers Wonzy. He even follows him the bathroom, it’s as if Simon is guarding the door or something. When they play chase: Simon chases Wonzy to the left, then Wonzy chases Simon back to the right. Simon calls for him too…when Wonzy is sleeping in good hiding place (like in the pillows on the couch: Wonzy is the same color and is camouflaged by them). Simon will stand in the middle of the hallway and Meow on a strange pitch until Wonzy waddles his direction. They don’t seem to be bothered by the dogs. They play well together, all four, but the cats could take ‘em or leave ‘em; literally. The cats can go anywhere in the house but the dogs are limited to the family room while we are at work.I purchased waters fountains and they all love them. Wonzy is eating well and seems adjusted to the new environment. He sleeps on my pillow at night; and chases away all competition. I am greeted each evening by my little traveling circus. We are trying out the name “Simba” for Wonzy, but most of the time I just call him Baby. Simba’s coat is very full and beautiful. I’ll forward a picture every now and again so you can watch him grow too. Right now he really hasn’t changed much. He is simply a playful fur ball that snores.(smiling)

Here is a picture sent from Tamberlain's phone of Simba more grown up.  He is staying pretty small!

Lilly great eyes.jpg

Here is an update on Lilly, a kitten from our very first litter:

Lilly is doing great
She has a friend now, an aging male Russian Blue. Sidney.
Sidney is a cat from my family, his owner (my uncle) passed away and I
agreed to try things out.
Sidney grew up in a veterinary setting and is used to other animals and
Lilly took to him right away.
I have known Sidney since he was a youngster and he truly is one of a kind

Lilly and my daughter are very attached and when my daughter is out Lilly
waits for her.
Lilly is truly beautiful and everyone who comes over falls in love with her.
My accountant constantly threatens to steal her and even brings his wife
with him to work so she can play with Lilly
Lilly is very sociable and enjoys company.
My daughter has taken several pictures of Lilly and when I have time, I will
send you some.

Sadie and Ollie.jpg

Sadie is doing well in Canada and is best friends with Ollie:

Sadie and Oliver spend most of their time together.  She is a huge fan of the mandatory grooming sessions and when I come home from work they are almost always together.  They sleep together and run around chasing each other.  He isn't always happy when she gets too close to me when I'm eating (She's a bigger mooch than him!!) and since he knows I don't give scraps, sometimes he will smack her on the head so she'll back up.  She usually looks at him with a very sad look that her best friend would chastize her.  Too cute!
Sadie has started to fetch water bottle caps and it's hilarious to see her carrying them around in her tiny mouth.  She is so adorable and sooo much fun.  That fur is crazy soft too!  Poor Oliver has coughed up a couple of hairballs of the wrong colour so I've upped her brushing/combing from once a day to 2-3 times a day.

Anyway, a few more pics for you! 

Rocco 5.jpg

Very sad update:  India got out just after Halloween  and is missing in the Toronto area.  Please keep her in your thoughts.  We are hoping that someone has found her and is taking care of her but it is heartbreaking for Melissa and Oliver.  Even indoor only pets can get out sometimes so be extra careful with your babies!!! 

Melissa is a great pet parent up in Canada.  I get updates and pictures every few months which I love.  She took two Pocket kittys and couldn't be happier! Here is an email she sent the first week she had them.  She renamed them India and Oliver-Shalom.

Hi ,
   I wanted you to know that the vet visit went really
well last night.  The reception staff and vet assistants all wanted to
have a look at the babies and were all enamoured with them.  One person
would leave and another would be "directed" to come have a look at the
beautiful little kittens.  The vet and I had a good hour together with
the kittens who were amazingly behaved.  She kept commenting on how well socialized they were and that
they weren't afraid of people.  She was very impressed with what you're
doing.  I told her quite a bit about Pocket Kittys and how you work
after she had already commented on how great everything was and how
happy she was with the information provided in their medical records
and how calm they were.  She even asked if it was okay to refer you to
potential pet parents who express an interest in this type of pet (of
course I said yes).
   They're doing REALLY well in their new home.  They're
happy and playing all the time.  When they get tired they both like to
snuggle up near me or on me so I think they've acclimated really
quickly.  When they see me, they start purring so everyone's having a
love fest here. 

This is from the Birth announcement she sent out.  To sweet!

Don’t worry, I’m not registered
anywhere.  I just wanted to announce the
arrival of my new kittens.  I had no
plans of getting another pet until the end of my sabbatical year (following
this year) but fate and destiny got in the way. 
Too many signs indicated these two are meant to be with me and, for

those of you who don’t believe in that… they’re so cute!!! 

They only came in last night but I can already see   
their individual personalities and how they not only compliment each other but
rely on one another.  At first they were gingerly
exploring every corner of the study/guest room where they will stay the next
several days.  They were a little wary at
first but, in no time, they were running around, playing, jumping and they were
quick to curl up next to me, purring as they passed out after their LONG

journey from
They have been well socialized to be around other
people and pets so I’m expecting visitors and invitations to visit.  I want them to meet other people, other
animals (very gradually), kids… and I swear it’s not only because I’ll need cat
sitters when I travel during my year off…  

India and Oliver all grown up!

Honeybear and Santa smaller.jpg

Here is a great picture of Honey Bear with his buddy Sweetie and Santa.  This was from Christmas 2008.  Isn't he beautiful and so sweet sitting with Santa and his best friend?  I don't think a lot of people bring their cats to the Petsmart for pictures with Santa and he did so well!  Virginia just loves her boys and they get along well.

suki and hugo.jpg

Here is an email from Stephanie who has Hugo and Suki (now Rocky and Pixie):

I had to send you this picture of Suki in her little bed with her
baby blanket, all tucked in.  This is around 9 last night.  Shortly
after this, they came on the bed with me and slept their.

They are doing great.  Suki lets me hold her all day.  Hugo lets me
hold him, but he is more shy right now, but warming up well.  They are
eating just fine and playing.  Today I take them to the vet.  I had
such a hard time leaving them today :-(

I can't wait to get home to them. They really are sooo sweet.  They
are like little gizmo's running around.  I comb at night and in the
morning.  Suki was great the first time I combed her.  They are just
adorable.  They do follow me around. 

Thank you so much, I will keep you updated.

Here are Rocky and Pixie (new names) all grown up.  I think this picture is so classic.

Scooter at 10 weeks.jpg

Scooter and Dargo went to live with Susan and her kids and dog Justice.  He is doing great and gets along well with Justice.  Here is a little email from Susan about Scooter:

We are just lovin' this little man!  He is such a lover & a begger!  He is always with his front paws up my leg as far as he can reach whenever there is food around - he is such a mooch!  And cute as can be! We talk to each other all day long while I work, he's my best bud.  My daughter brought home a rat to babysit again this weekend & will have her for the next few weekends & then she'll probably adopt her (I'm such a pushover).  Scooter thinks it's his early x-mas present!  He just "loves" Dot!  Though Dot is getting pretty big...they are getting close in size! Ha!
Here is an updated Picture of Scooter with his best buds:

hobbes and calvin 12 weeks.jpg

Here is a note from Elizabeth and Keith who took Calvin and Hobbes last year:

We just love our kitties - Calvin is still very shy, but loves me very much, and loves his sister Isabella.  He lays on her any chance he gets and purrs when he sees her.  Hobbes is very talkative, and does tricks now!  We taught him how to beg - he is VERY good at it.

I love my kitties and wanted to let you know it.



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