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Here she is at 8 weeks being so darn cute!

Download Cosette with titles.wmv

Spring 2011 kittens!!! So playful

Here we have Lola, Ella, Fiona, Rigby and Tessa playing away.  They are about 7.5 weeks old in this video.  All but Fiona are still looking for their forever homes.  Check out their information on the Available kitten page.

Download 2011 spring kittens.wmv

Awesome barking cat!

Holly and Chloe playing

This was right after Christmas and Holly and Chloe are loving the new CAT IT toy.

Download chloe and holly cat toy.wmv

Holly on Lap

Holly is on my lap lounging just before Christmas.  Check out my Moose PJ's.

Download Holly.wmv

Barclay, Holly and Ivy

These kittens couldn't be cuter!

Download barclay and the girls.wmv

Chloe talking

Chloe is so sweet.  She loves to lie in my lap with her paws in the air.  I don't think she cares much for me using her as a puppet but she goes along with it.

Download Chloe%20on%20lap.wmv

Tetley on Lap

Gorgeous Tetley is laying on my lap playing with his mousey. He is teething so has to be chewing on something. Check out my styling M&M jammies!

Download Tetleyon lap.wmv

Kittens April 09

Thumbelina's kitten and Dinkey's kittens together at around 4 and 3 weeks old.  Sweet Dinkey and Thumbelina decided to raise their kittens together!

Download all kittens april 09.wmv

Boober baby

Here is a cute video of Boober at 4.5 weeks old. He is such a sweetheart but you can hear him being fiesty in the video. He is an adorable, playful guy.

Download Boober baby.wmv

Dinkey's kittens May 08

Here are the three gorgeous goldens and one beautiful silver girl from Dinkey and Gopher.  They are really strong and so sweet!

Download 3 week golds and silver.wmv

Golden kittens March 08

Here are the cute little guys (and one girl) at 18 days old. Watch what the little guy on his back does right before he turns over. Too funny!

Download golden kittens on backs.wmv

Video of kittens Oct 07

A little video of the silver and golden boys at 11 days old. Fat like little sausages!

Download DSCF0437.avi


Cute video of Momma Dinkey and her golden boy.

Download DSCF0448.avi

Honey bear at 3 months

Here is Honey bear (formerly named Fozzy) being so calm and sweet letting me play with him in my lap. Such a laid back little guy. His new Mom just loves him.

Download honey movie2.WMV

Scooter at 4 months

Here is sweet Scooter on my lap being his sweet self.

Download Scooter on lap.wmv


Sweet video about a cat with Cerebellar hypoplasia

Engineers guide to Cats

One of the greatest cat videos ever! I love these guys!



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