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cosette mouth open again.jpg

Cosette 4 weeks sitting.jpg

This is adorable Cosette.  She was born Sept. 16th and  she has gone to her new home in South Carolina!  She is our very last Pocket kitty.

Cosette 4 wks mouth open.jpg



Sold: Fiona is a dark Golden Persian and is super sweet.   She is going to VA to a nice family there and she gets to be with her sister Lola.

Ella bear

Ella in bed.jpg

Staying with us: This is amazing sweet Ella.  She is a silver Chinchilla and is the sweetest thing.   She is my baby and I am so in love with her that she is staying here with me.  I usually don't let myself get this attached but she was meant to be mine I believe.  Her funny face just cracks me up and she kneads in the air just like her Momma, Thumbelina.  We are considering letting her be a queen in the spring but that decision hasn't been made yet. 


rigby on tree.jpg

Sold: Rigby is going to a nice home in KY and will be with his sister Tessa.  He is a very rare blue silver Chinchilla Persian.



Sold: Tessa is a blue silver chinchilla tipped with gold and will be going to KY to her forever home with her brother Rigby.



Sold: Fun Lola is Dinkey's silver shaded girl and she is awesome.  She gets to go to VA with her sister Fiona to live with the Haynes'.

scooter on leash small.jpg

Here is Scooter exploring the back yard at Grandma's house wearing his harness and leash.  He was so great on the short trip and seemed to really enjoy the adventure. He is loving his new home with Susan and her kids.

Scooter and Honey in carrier.jpg

  Scooter and Honey in their cool Pocket kittys pet carrier out and about on the town.  They love to play in their carrier and can often be found at home lounging in it, fast asleep. Both these kittens have found new homes.

small thumbelina.jpg

Just to give you some idea of how small our Golden queen is:  Here she is standing next to a 9" play tunnel.  She is 5lbs and is about the size of a 4-5 month old kitten.


Gopher, a Golden shaded with beautiful blue/green eyes is our stud and Dinkey, a silver shaded, is our other Queen.

Gopher and thumbelina.jpg

This is Gopher, our Golden stud boy and his sweetheart, Thumbelina, our Golden Chinchilla Queen.

Gopher boy.jpg

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