Moms and Dad Teacup Persians

Gopher and thumbelina.jpg

Thumbelina and Gopher are in love.

Thumbelina up close.jpg

This is our Golden Queen, Thumbelina.  She is tiny at only 4.5 lbs and has the sweetest personality of any cat I have ever seen.  She loves to give me kisses and is sooo playful.  Her honey colored coat and gorgeous green eyes are something to behold.  She is also a really great mom that loves her kittens.

Go 4 gold down.jpg

This is Go 4 Gold, or as we like to call him, Gopher.  He reminds me of the Gopher in the Caddy shack movies.  He is or resident stud and he is stunning.  He has the most gorgeous Blue/green eyes!  He is about 6.5 lbs.  I am very lucky to have such a great Daddy cat that loves to play with his babies and he does not spray around the house.

Dinkey pocket kitty.gif

Silver shaded Dinkey is a great Mom.  She loves her kittens and is super playful too.  She will chase a feather around all day. She is abut 6.5 lbs.

how small thumbelina is.jpg

This shows just how tiny our little Thumbelina is.  She is sitting next to one of our Rescue kittys who is about 12 lbs. 



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